For Prospective Clients


I offer site visits, landscape design, and plant and hardscape installation for my clients. I hand draw the design and acquire plants and materials needed for each job. I work with a great company who picks them up, delivers them to the site, and installs them. Depending on the project, I am there on start day to get things laid out and then communicate with my installer to ensure the project goes smoothly. Although I may not be on site daily, I communicate with my team on a daily basis so I know the status of each project. I offer standalone designs without installation seasonally and based on my workload. I do not offer individual services such as yard clean-up and tree stump removal, but I’m happy to send you to other great local businesses.

Policies & Procedures

Landscaping is a process! Here’s a look into it:

Phase 1: Site documentation

The starting point is a site visit, which allows us to determine the scope of work together. I document the site through photographs of the yard, take measurements to verify the accuracy of the existing drawings, make notes and sketches of other existing hardscape elements (i.e. existing fences & utility locations/ constraints), and catalog existing plants that will remain. You must provide a survey of your property at least one week before your scheduled appointment

My initial site visit fee is for an hour-long consultation and is non-refundable. That covers my time and expertise and gives you ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for solutions. I collect the site visit fee when we meet.

Phase 2: Design

My normal design process is a four to six week turnaround time from when I receive the design fee deposit due to the time-intensive nature of designing, sourcing plants and materials, and formulating cost estimates. I request a 50% deposit as a retainer to begin your project and to hold your spot on the roster for design work, as I only take on four projects a month to ensure my best work on each. I will give you an estimate on a design fee when I know what amount of work and time is involved. Design work cannot proceed prior to a site visit, nor will your project be queued for work without an up-to-date survey of your property.

I draw a base plan to scale of existing conditions based on our field measurements and use this plan to review site issues such as grade and drainage, privacy, circulation, property setbacks, climate and solar aspects, etc. It is the basis for design in addition to your information. Preliminary design concepts typically include hardscape and key plants.

This phase may also include trips to select materials, finishes, and accessories, which is billed hourly should they be needed.

During this phase, I prepare and mail you a proposal to help you fully understand your new garden. This includes a copy of the final design plan, a final plant list with estimated costs for installation (subject to change based on plant availability and meetings with my landscape contractor), any necessary samples, photos, or presentation of proposed landscape finishes, and policies and warranty information that require your initials and signature. We can meet to review the final design—approval via e-mail or text is also accepted.

The remaining balance for the design will be due upon receipt of your final design and must be paid in full at that time.

Phase 3: Installation observation and scheduling

We will have one coordination meeting prior to installation with you and my landscape contractor(s) at the site to review the plans and establish a clear understanding of the design intent and direction. I will provide designer assistance during plant layout prior to installation of plants if needed by installer. I will also periodically review of the contractor’s work during construction to contribute to the contractor’s accurate interpretation of the installation.

All installation jobs require a signed contract and 50% down payment to secure plants and materials. Upon receipt of the signed agreement and deposit, we will then create your account and add your job to our queue. Projects that take longer than eight working days to complete are subject to an additional weekly draw after the first eight working days based on the percentage of work completed to cover our operating expenses, with the remaining balance due upon completion.

Before any work begins, a utility locating service such as NC One Call will be contacted for them to mark and identify all common utilities such as gas, cable, telephone, and power. Any property lines or personal utilities (septic system, well, dog fences, irrigation, lighting, etc.) is the responsibility of the customer to be identified and clearly marked. Amy Strunk Designs & our installation team will not be held responsible for any utilities or property that is not properly and clearly identified prior to work beginning. We will not begin work until all utilities and property lines are clearly marked. Homeowner needs to provide a path to the work area. We are not responsible for broken concrete, pathways or any unforeseen underground items such as tree stumps, bed rock, shale, boulders or buried propane tanks. If we run into these items, a new price will be given for removal.

Many clients do an install in phases and some do it all at once, depending on your time and budget. I am happy to help you figure that out. 

Our installation schedule goes on a rolling basis. Whoever says yes, signs their paperwork, and pays their deposit has the next open slot on the landscape contractor’s calendar. Each job varies so much—some projects are a few days; some are a few weeks—so availability really can change on any given day. And we always have weather to contend with, too. Weather permitting; work shall occur during normal business hours (7:00am to 5:00pm) Monday through Friday. Amy Strunk Designs will not be held liable nor will the customer be compensated for work delays caused from: another contractor’s work holding us up, employee illness, change orders, and/or bad weather (i.e. rain, extreme cold, frosts, ice, high winds, storms, snow, etc.).

We will render our services as expeditiously as is consistent with professional skill and care. During the project, anticipated and unanticipated events may influence any project schedule. The owner acknowledges that significant changes to the project schedule, budget, or the project's scope may require additional services by the designer. This will be discussed and approved by the client prior to any additional fees or work commencing. 

Phase 4: Final walk-through

After the work is completed, we will schedule a review of the completed work with the customer within five business days. The review consists of going over any plant/sod/seed care instructions, irrigation/lighting operation and maintenance instructions, and any other items to ensure the overall satisfaction of the work completed.

Upon completion of the final walk through, the remaining balance for the project will be collected and is due in full.

Getting started

To schedule a site visit please submit a general inquiry form and we’ll be happy to get back to you! You will tell us a bit more about your project, provide a copy of your survey and have the ability to ask questions. After we review your information, we will get back to you within three to five business days for any necessary follow-up regarding your project and pending site visit.