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Can my garden look beautiful in winter?

Sure! We are all about beauty in every season. With careful plant selection and placement, you can enjoy year round blooms, interesting texture, and green galore. 

What is a pollinator garden?

Pollinator gardens are made up of flowers containing the nectar or pollen that feeds pollinators – from bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to ants and moths. Pollinator gardens are great for the environment, and they help to pollinate the fruits and veggies in your own garden.

What is permeable paving?

Permeable paving uses sustainable materials that allow storm water to flow through them. This alternative form of paving decreases water run-off and helps to filter pollutants in the water. Not only is it beautiful and functional, it’s great for the environment!

Do I need to water in the winter?

Ideally, yes. Most of your plants don’t die in the winter, they just go dormant. So, if you don’t live somewhere with lots of winter precipitation, you need to nourish those roots!

Can I mix edible herbs and veggies with flowers and ornamentals?

Of course! Cultivating a little wildness in your garden is good for the earth – and for your dinner plate. You don’t have to give up your hydrangeas to grow an herb garden (or vice versa).  Beauty and bounty can and should coexist!

These are only a few of the questions we’ve heard from past clients. Need a quote or a bit of expertise? Don’t hesitate to ask.